New Hope Baptist Church
Saturday, July 20, 2024


How New Hope Baptist Church Came To Be.

      In 1953 the doors were closed to a church called Little Indian Creek Church and were never to be opened again. There were 17 people from that church that decided they wanted to start a church of theirLittle Indian Creek Church after they closed the doors. own. They went to Mt. Zion Baptist Church to ask for sponsorship and they received it. They then decided to start building a place of worship. In 1954 they held church in the Oklahoma School building while they were waiting for their new building to get far enough along to be able to hold services in the basement. A week after they started having services in the Oklahoma School building they decided to organize a church and the church came into existence on April 18th, 1954. Mildred Flora had an idea to name the church New Hope Baptist Church, so they held a vote and it was unanimously decided to name the church as stated. The church was finally finished in 1955.

     In 1963 the church was added on to for the first time. They added on to the auditorium and put in a kitchen and a nursery. That building was suitable enough until 1976 when they decided to build a new building. They broke ground on the new building on March 21st, 1976. The new building was attached to the old one by a narrow covered passageway between the two buildings. The two buildings together served many years of worship. It wasn't until 1998 that the old building became inadequate and broken down. In the winter of 1999 we decided to make the brick building twice as big as it was. The addition was finally finished in the summer of 2001.